Stop over-thinking: ‘Minimum viable products’ (MVP).

What? MVPs? That is a product with just enough features to gather validated learning about a possible intervention or product. It is deliberately imperfect; any additional work on it beyond what was required to start learning is a waste of time. And no, it’s not a pilot.

More about it in my blog.

Crash course on Monitoring & Evaluation

You want to brush up on the basics of M&E? Joint my mini-course at the education platform Udemy. So far, 3.000 people have taken the course. I had lots of fun designing and recording the video. And an average rating of 4.5 stars shows also my students enjoy it ;-). Sneak preview: it even features the pink cat of my daughter ;-). Check it out

Innovative approaches to programming

There are – in my view – at least eleven concrete options for innovative programme design in complex, complicated or chaotic settings to consider for governments and development organizations. This blog looks closer at the rapidly evolving landscape of options for innovative programme design.