Results Based Management

5 Pillars of Results Managment

Results are great. Results Based Management is GREAT! Not all would agree, I know. The reason: it is not done right! Most of the time … Voila, I present to you: The five pillars of practical RBM! If you are a manager, a planner, or an M&E specialist or consultant, there are five pillars – […]

Planning for M&E Results Based Management

The results chain: a beginner’s guide

Monitoring and Evaluation are about measuring and tracking results. That is why it is important to understand what results are, and how to distinguish between different levels of the results chain. In general, a “result” is something that happens or exists because of something else that has happened: In development and governance, we use a more nuanced understanding of different types of ‘results’: the so-called result chain. The results chain distinguished between […]