Thomas Winderl

  • Measuring policy advocacy
    Monitoring policy work is tricky. But it doesn’t have to be. It’s not impossible – and certainly can be useful. […]
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    Outputs are arguably not the most important level of the results chain. It is outcomes that should be the focus […]
  • Measuring impact of social innovation
    Impact. You know the feeling don’t you – you’ve been working on a brilliant initiative, and then someone turns up […]
  • Indicators: choose the right angle
    Once we have agreed on a clever, limited set of indicators, all seems good. However, we are not yet there. For most indicators, we can choose a specific ‘angle’.
  • Use change language in reports
    An engaging report uses ‘change language’ instead of action language. Hunh? Ok, it’s not as complicated as these big words […]
  • Five tips for good report writing
    Do you hate report writing? Fed up with writing long, detailed reports that nobody seems to read? But the truth […]