You can’t measure that!

You can’t measure that! We can measure (nearly) everything. “We had some great results -but you can’t measure them!” “Not everything that counts can be counted!” “You can’t measure everything!” These are some of the critical arguments we often hear in Monitoring and Evaluation. The reason for this confusion is the common perception that we ... Read More

What real-time outcome monitoring can do for you

Business as usual: The NGO Eduasusual mobilizes funding for keeping girls in school. They put together a package of interventions (school feeding, awareness raising, teacher training, etc.) and start implementing it. The package is the same for each of the 150 schools, and roughly based on a “Theory of Change” designed by an external consultant ... Read More
Innovation in development evaluation

Innovation in development evaluation

Development aid is changing rapidly. Development evaluation needs to change with it. Why? And how? PLANNING IN A COMPLEX, DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENT REQUIRES MORE AND DIFFERENT EVALUATIONS Linear, mechanistic planning for development is increasingly seen as problematic. Traditional feedback loops that diligently check if an intervention is ‘on-track’ in achieving a pre-defined milestone do not work ... Read More